In this game you can test your extrasensory abilities by choosing one of the answers, "true" or "false". Intriguing, isn’t it? We deliberately picked up some quite unlikely cases / phenomena / things from the 1990s, so that it may be as interesting as possible for you to study while playing. To make the game not only interactive but also informative, we’d advise you after playing it to ask your relatives, friends, and teachers, if things / phenomena / events like these were present in their lives. This game will help you not only better navigate in the everyday life of the 1990s, but also check and improve the knowledge gained after reading the dictionary.
So, have an interesting training just playing!

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The 1990s finished less than twenty years ago, but what was going on in those years sometimes seems really unbelievable now. We have advice for you: we have collected a lot of materials about those times and we believe they will be really interesting to you. Read and enjoy :)